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Nuvex Solutions is a business to business IT tech and cloud company that offers a number of cutting-edge services for your business. Our competitive results are representative of some of the most startling new technologies in the world of computing. Nuvex’s efficiency-based approach to technology support and office solutions is almost second to none in the Lethbridge area and beyond.

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If you are looking for a tech firm capable of bring your business into the 21st century, Nuvex Solutions can offer

you a boutique of options tailored to your needs. We increase your productivity, streamline your operations, and make your network secure, safe, and functioning at peak efficiency.

Managed IT Support Services and Cloud Solutions

All businesses require a proactive form of IT support. Nuvex Solutions has developed a means of providing managed IT support services to remotely monitor your system functions and network.

Our years of experience have taught us that in order to keep up with the computer industry, it is necessary to adapt to changing technology. Cloud technology has allowed our company to grow and perform a strong role as IT support with much more efficiency. We do more than just back up your data – as a cloud company, we realize that this method is the future of the industry. Through our cloud-based solutions, we are able to recognize and be alerted to any potential issues or failures within your system before they become a real problem.

Custom Software, Hardware, and Programming

When you contact Nuvex Solutions, we will review your current networks, systems, hardware, and software, as well as how they all function together. Once we have completed an assessment, we make recommendations specifically for you. For example, it can be unproductive to use several different kinds of proprietary software in your industry. It is a much more efficient solution to streamline the process with custom programs. This is where our team steps in.

Nuvex Solutions also has created unique solutions for your brand through Tracx Software. Each product has the ability to tackle separate administrative duties to give you a more competitive edge in the marketplace. TracxTMS, TracxTime, and Tracx Inventory all allow you to handle the recurring management of your employees and their working hours as well as inventory.

For companies that need to upgrade their network of computers or install a new one, Nuvex Solutions can build an infrastructure that improves the productivity and proficiency of your business. This includes using the latest technologies in hardware, computers, and devices, and also providing support services in the case that something should go wrong. Nuvex Solutions has a great deal of experience installing, maintaining, and performing support services for your already existing hardware as well.

Web Hosting

If you need ecommerce site management or simply own a branded page online, Nuvex offers web hosting solutions. Web hosting hubs need to be able to support your site’s current traffic, and of course, ensure that the connection won’t time out when it really counts. Nuvex will help you determine your options in terms of shared web hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated web servers, and cloud-based web hosting, explaining the benefits of each one. Of course, your hosting solution needs to adapt and grow as your business grows. This is because the more bandwidth you use, the less you can rely on a basic shared hosting service that may quickly use up resources. We make sure to provide site management on a platform that is well-suited for your needs while remaining within a budget.

Cloud-Based Antivirus

Businesses, their employees, and their clients all need to feel safe when sharing secured data online. Outdated antivirus software can seriously put your company at risk.

When your network is connected with Nuvex Solutions’ servers, we monitor your systems in real-time. Instead of traditional antivirus software, which individually checks every file against a large database of virus definitions, we monitor how files behave. For example, if an employee accidentally downloads a dangerous virus through their email, our agent software throws up a red flag and marks the behaviour. It can see where a specific file came from and what tasks it is performing. If our antivirus determines that the activity is malicious, it halts execution immediately.

More than that, we do the bulk of this analysis on the cloud. This removes the heavy burden of processing on individual computers. This frees up your RAM and CPU, taking up less memory and resources from your company. Our lightweight security framework is the cutting edge in computer security programs, preventing major security breaches before they even start.

Computer Repair in Lethbridge

Nuvex Solutions employs an IT team that daily monitors your systems and anticipates problems either before they happen or as they occur. Instead of losing overall productivity and spending time trying to understand the problem, we are able to remotely find and troubleshoot issues. Currently, we are also able to offer computer repair in Lethbridge, Alberta for our clients.

As we know, computers are prone to many different types of problems. This includes viruses and malware as well as issues with networking and Wi-Fi. Since networks are more connected than they have ever been, it has become easier for unwanted parties to gain access to sensitive information. Instead, our customized monitoring software is able to log and alert us of any problems within your hardware, software, or network immediately. And if a problem should occur, our certified technicians are available to solve the problem with little interruption.

Website Strategy, Design, and Branding Services

To truly drive company sales, you need a website strategy that is expertly designed and executed. Since branding decisions are critical to the success of any company, Nuvex Solutions employs graphic designers and a web development team that work together for a custom site. For businesses that want to start from scratch or completely remake their “look”, we can assist in the making of a new logo. Our responsive designs are user-friendly and will work on all devices your typical customer uses, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops of every size.

Completely brand your company with Nuvex Solutions! Ask about our branded USB sticks, mousepads, pens, t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and more. We can print your company logo and tagline on these marketing materials to spread the message of your band more effectively.

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With years in the field of large and small business IT support, Nuvex Solutions has grown into an all-purpose tech company that is capable of providing clients with cutting edge solutions in a rapidly changing industry. Whether you are a small startup or are a large enterprise, we have employed the latest in cloud technology to bring your company into the modern age of computing. Give our expert teams a call today at (403) 381-8184.

At Nuvex Solutions we provide these services and more!

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