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Nuvex Solutions has been providing our clients with a full boutique of computer based packages, including business web hosting services and web development solutions. We are a full service business-to-business IT and tech firm located in the Lethbridge area of Alberta, Canada.


For those interested in upgrading their web hosting, or for newer businesses looking to add to their digital footprint, Nuvex Solutions adds a full range of options, including those that accommodate high traffic servers, and those that simply wish to sustain a small digital presence for interested customers and clientele.


Nowadays, even companies that do most of their commerce in house need to have a digital presence. More and more individuals take to their smartphones in order to look up services they are interested in. Very few businesses today rely on foot traffic and world of mouth. Regardless if you have a full ecommerce site or you simply want a branded page that directs users to a physical store, it is imperative to have professional hosting in order to attract customers. Nuvex Solutions can help.



Build the Process from Scratch or Upgrade an Existing Website


Web-hostingFor companies that are just starting to get their brand off the ground, we provide a number of services that you might be interested in. First, we can host your website using a wide range of methods that run within your budget. You are likely going to want a higher range of professional hosting options. We also employ a team of experienced website developers and graphic designers who can work with you to design and layout your site properly.


As your business grows, so too might your web server needs. Nuvex Solutions can help here too. Web hosting hubs that support multiple website pages with the same amount of bandwidth will become less practical the more traffic your website receives. This is particularly true if your page is on the same server as multiple other popular pages. There is nothing worse for your company than a customer who tries look up your product online only to find that the connection to your website has timed out. This leads to a high bounce rate because they are likely to move on to the next website. Instead, Nuvex Solutions is a web hosting hub that understands when it is time to bring your website hosting solutions to the next level.



How Professional Hosting Services Work


Strictly in terms of businesses, there are a few different options that most individuals should familiarize themselves with in order to make an economical and practical choice. The idea is that the more bandwidth you are likely to use from customer traffic, the more you want to move away from shared web hosting hubs and toward a cloud based solution. For companies that do the majority of their commerce in house and are simply interested in establishing a digital presence, a shared hub is the ideal solution. This option is going to be more inexpensive, especially if you do not need a lot of dynamic interaction or drive space for the actual page itself. However, you are still going to need security features, even on a basic level. All businesses, whether you do ecommerce or not, will need this to a certain degree.


Ask our Nuvex Solutions team members about factors such as ample disk space to ensure customer records and information can be stored. You can also discuss customized solutions for security to protect employee and consumer information from hackers or malware. The website itself will need to updated with content on a regular basis to inform clients about new products and services. Since the majority of the business is done online, more bandwidth and web server space is needed.


Shared Web Hosting


Shared web hosting merely means that your website is sitting on the same server as many other websites. Since you all share one server, bandwidth can be a potential issue if you are not careful with your resources. You should note that this is going to be another inexpensive option in terms of professional hosting. Nuvex Solutions can recommend shared website hosting for your company in the event you will not require a lot of bandwidth or server space. This can be a good starting point for newer businesses to test the waters. It is also an effective way of establishing your digital presence.


Virtual Private Server


A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is the next step above shared web hosting. While your website will be hosted on the same machine as other websites, each site is allotted a specific amount of bandwidth and disk space. It will generally be more expensive to host a website on a VPS, but this factor will be directly related to how much bandwidth, CPU, and disk space you have requested. Additionally, the extra control they are afforded can make the added expense worth it.


Dedicated Web Server


Dedicated web servers are exactly that. You rent the machine to host your website. All of the bandwidth is yours, and so is all of the computer’s resources and space. Dedicated servers subvert the necessity of competing with other websites for bandwidth. Up until recently, they were largely regarded as the top choice for professional hosting of sites that required a great deal of resources. When you have a dedicated web server, you also have your own unique IP address as well.


Cloud-Based Web Hosting


Cloud-based web hosting is a relatively recent development, but could very easily become the future. The cloud allows hundreds of individual servers and computers to operate together so that they function as one big server. Under this system, you pay for the resources that you use. Higher traffic websites will pay more than lower traffic websites, and from the hoster’s standpoint, this is a very economical solution. This is because the more resources customers require, the more hardware they can add to the cloud. The advantage of cloud-computing is that it can accommodate an extremely high level of traffic, or it can accommodate smaller websites that do most of their business in house. Pricing will vary depending on how many resources you use, so this is economical for customers too.


Nuvex Solutions Tailored Website Hosting


For those who have gone the route of locally hosting their website in house or have elected to go with a Virtual Private Server, having a webmaster who can update the site sporadically and secure the server from attacks will become important. Neither of these solutions provide security for your site or data. Nuvex Solutions can help here as well. If you want to continue hosting the site in your own building or need a system administrator to look over your security protocols, Nuvex Solutions is happy to help you.


Here at Nuvex Solutions, we consider cloud technology to be the future because it is so adaptable and can be easily maneuvered into accommodating a wide range of business needs. Just like hub-based hosting, it can give smaller businesses an inexpensive and simple way of establishing their digital footprint. Unlike hub hosting, your page will not have to compete with other pages for a limited set of resources. The cloud can also accommodate a massive amount of traffic for pages that do all, some, or most of their business online. Under the cloud-based scheme, you have the best of all worlds.


On the one hand, Nuvex Solutions can provide your business with a personalized web server to host your page, but that might be overkill. Under that system you are paying a flat rate over the course of the year. Cloud based services offers you the same level of quality you get with a personalized web server, on a pay-for-what-you-use basis. Whatever your requirements are for your business, Nuvex Solutions can help and design a plan tailored to your individual needs.



Cutting Edge Cloud-Based Solutions for Your Business


Cloud computing is a relatively new technology on the market today, but is quickly becoming the method of choice for the modern age. The reason for this is simple – cloud computing is versatile and allows your expenditures to expand as your business does. Cloud-based antivirus and IT support are cutting edge technologies that Nuvex Solutions provides for clients. We are banking on the idea that cloud technologies are the next big revolution in internet based computing, and our services are heavily influenced by this assessment.


Cloud-based web hosting can perfectly adapt itself to a broad range of individual businesses. For example, if you operate a local restaurant, very little of your business is going to be done over the web. However, you want to be able to advertise your specials and allow your audience to find your business before they visit. Thus the cloud-based solution is the best resource for those who need a personalized web server and those who simply need to establish their digital presence online. The pay-for-what-you-use model accommodates your needs without costing you a fortune upfront, nor sacrifice the quality of service.

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Nuvex Solutions is more than just a web hosting specialist. We offer a range of cloud-based antivirus programs. Our team modernizes your workspace, and even helps you with design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Our web hosting hub can increase the security and competency of your business with our key services.


Nuvex Solutions is excited to provide the best solutions for your company, whether you are a small startup or a larger enterprise. Contact us at (403) 381-8184 for more information. We will set you up with business web hosting services and an ideal package that will fit your budget and hosting requirements.