Tracx Software Solutions

Tracx Software Solutions


To help companies and their key staff members become more efficient in their operations, Nuvex Solutions offers Tracx Software platforms to give you the advantage in a competitive marketplace. Nuvex Solutions offers a range of software options that will make management easier, allowing you to focus time on the activities that will propel your company forward.


Nuvex Solutions has created three unique solutions through Tracx Software that each tackle administrative issues unique to your industry. Robust features and benefits include the following:


  • TracxTMS efficiently manages your trucking operations
  • TracxTime brings employee time tracking into the modern age
  • Tracx Inventory quickly manages static and dynamic inventory


There is a better way to deal with the recurring management of your valuable staff, time, and products. Nuvex Solutions will show you how.

TracxTMS - Trucking Management Software



If your business is a member of the trucking industry, Nuvex Solutions can assist with the load. TracxTMS is a cloud-based trucking software that is easy to navigate and comes with features and support unparalleled in the trade. This software allows your drivers and customers to login to their platform and view their loads, attach notes, and upload relevant documents and images. This allows for easier communication even if all parties are hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other. Dispatch can be managed with a suite of tools, integrated messaging, and GPS to help keep drivers on time and on budget.


TracxTMS handles all aspects of equipment maintenance and truck loads can be easily modified. The Tracx software allows users to create, modify, copy, and delete loads as projects are completed. Because of the convenient integration with QuickBooks and other reporting tools, analysis becomes incredibly simple. With these reports, you will be able to discover new ways to make your trucking company more resourceful and efficient.


Imagine one software solution for all aspects of your trucking and dispatch business. TracxTMS will help increase profitability, cut down on software-induced headaches, and manage every aspect of your business from one user-friendly cloud-based web portal. The intuitive software will also remind you when maintenance is due. TracxTMS is the trucking and dispatch program that will have your staff and customers thanking you.


For more information about TracxTMS to support carriers of any size, contact Nuvex Solutions at (403) 381-8184.

TracxTime - Employee Time Tracking Software


For business owners who still manage complex operations using spreadsheets, manual recording systems, or software that requires specialized hardware and skills for tracking time, you are being outmaneuvered by your competition. TracxTime is an employee time tracking system that is fully customizable and cloud-based. Employees can use the software with a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. They will be happy for a timesheet solution that can be accessed with devices they already own, and there is no need for expensive, specialized equipment.


This Tracx software is a custom program that allows administrators to effortlessly work with employee schedules. TracxTime reduces fraud by allowing management to see the location of employees when they clock out at the end of the day. You can also enable automatic lunches that eliminate the need for employees to clock in or out during breaks. Easily calculate overtime pay, manage project timelines, and oversee multiple budgets in a flash. The software integrates with your current accounting software and provides useful reporting and tracking for analysis. Administrators can utilize the features that they need while turning off the ones that they don’t. This makes TracxTime a robust and inexpensive solution for your company.


For more information about TracxTime for a time tracking method that doesn’t require templates or manual calculations, contact Nuvex Solutions at (403) 381-8184.

Tracx Inventory - Inventory Management Solutions


Tracx Inventory was designed to quickly manage transporting inventory and on-site storage in a way that reduces manual hours and data entry errors. This inventory system allows the user to load any commodity type to any kind of equipment and keep track of loads, deliveries, pickups, and on-hand inventory. All of this information lives in one cloud-based portal for easy accessibility.


Activity logs and detailed reporting make Tracx software a smart choice for companies with goods on the move or in storage. Carriers and customers can have scale tickets that are viewable in PDF and can be saved offline. Use the search bar to locate specific tickets to stay updated. View inventory by commodity and storage location, and create electronic scale tickets that can be emailed. Reduce errors and time spent on paperwork and spreadsheets, and stay up to date with the information you need, when you need it. Keeping track of inventory has never been easier – no matter what industry your business is in.


For more information about Tracx Inventory for increasing productivity, contact Nuvex Solutions at (403) 381-8184.

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All Tracx software is designed to make managing the details of day-to-day business operations simple. Whether you are operating a small company with loyal, dedicated employees, or you have more complex network needs, Nuvex Solutions can help you make the most of your new programs.


Nuvex Solutions offers Tracx software installation and maintenance to clients because it is designed to reduce time and errors, allowing you to focus on activities that add to your company’s bottom line. Nuvex employs knowledgeable software experts to discuss how Tracx Software can move your business forward in a competitive marketplace. We can provide software demonstrations, transparent pricing options, excellent customer service, and ongoing support to ensure that you are getting the most out of your programs.


Nuvex Solutions is a business-to-business IT solutions company in Lethbridge, Alberta. In addition to Tracx software, we offer comprehensive hardware and network support, managed IT cloud solutions, custom programming, website design and graphic design for your brand. It’s simple and easy to get started.


Have questions about your computer or network? We have the solutions you and your employees have been waiting for. Our software professionals are ready to tackle any question that you might have on how to maximize Tracx software for your business. Contact Nuvex Solutions today more for information.