Thermal Camera for Synagogue

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Thermal Camera for Synagogue

Do you ever think about the importance of security systems at the place of worship? Most people do not have the consideration because they believe a place of worship is sacred to everyone. Although a synagogue should be holy ground, it is also a popular target for vandalism and burglary.  Installing a thermal camera for synagogue is the best way to deter criminals and document anyone who gains illegal access.

The location of a synagogue does not hinder unwanted entry. Consequentially, intruders will time their actions when the place is void of people. The sight of a camera on the premises of the building or compound is usually enough to ward off petty criminals. How do the cameras enhance security at the religious place?

Reasons to install a thermal camera for synagogue

Low light illumination

Light cameras are convenient for areas with sufficient lightings, such as near streetlights. Thermal cameras are an alternative for the standard surveillance tools because they do not rely on light. You can, therefore, install the camera in low-lit areas around the synagogue, such as a dim verandah or massively dense plantation in the compound.

Extreme visual

Cameras have a limitation of viewing through blocks such as curtains. The most significant advantage of sensing objects using their temperature map is that the sensors can penetrate visual barriers.

Thermal cameras are, therefore, excellent when you do not want to startle the congregation or anyone who wants to visit the synagogue for a meditative prayer session. You can install them on higher grounds in the building or conceal them with decorative church curtains.   


Regular cameras are not the best in capturing objects and situations that seem to have a blend of colors or patterns. The objects and people become unobservable when the light is too bright or too dim for the camera.

A thermal camera for synagogue is the better option when you want to retain maximum visibility for situations that may have visual limitations. An example is a performance by the choir or a church event that involves wearing the same color or pattern of attires. The security system will keep an eye on suspicious activities and therefore protect the members against possible threats.

Accurate alarms

The standard light camera is bound to have several false alarms due to wrongful detections. A thermal imaging camera reduces false alarms because it detects and displays the accurate temperature gradient within its radar. The advanced analytics software has highly complex calibrations to display high contrast videos and images.


Thermal cameras are an affordable alternative for many businesses. A synagogue can benefit from using a thermal camera system because it will spend the exceedingly high prices of installing a CCTV.

The thermal camera is also a better option because it has an incredible range of performance for all situations and projects. You can use the exact system for years without worry about its dependability. Installing our cameras will not limit the night vision to 200 meters and therefore maintain the security of the synagogue without fail. Contact use for complicated or simple systems for all architectural setups of the building.   



Thermal Camera for Synagogue
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