Software and Hardware

Regardless of whether you are a small, mid-sized, or large business, our team of experts can develop a wide range of custom software and hardware solutions for your brand. Nuvex Solutions uses a proactive approach to ensure your networks and systems are always running properly.



Computer Software Solution


As business software has grown more complex, so too has commercial licensing. Users are no longer buying software outright per se, they are buying licenses to use the software. This is why many skip the process of purchasing licenses that will need to be renewed the following year and choose to work with a software reseller, who can make the process infinitely simpler. Nuvex Solutions is a software reseller that can give you instant access to a broad range of products. Not only that, we install and maintain the products for the entire duration of the license.


We achieve this through hosting your software on the cloud. Nuvex will make commercial purchases on your behalf, maintain and update the software, and solve any issues you may experience while using the programs. Our IT experts and developers are also able to detect and prevent issues before they ever occur.


There are several other key advantages to working with Nuvex for your business software and hardware support needs. First, if you purchase a license to the software outright, it can get quite expensive. You have to consider how many machines you have, and you may have to purchase a separate license for each machine. If you purchase a certain software only to discover that it is not working the way you have hoped, you will have spent a significant investment into a program that you will not need moving forward. Instead, Nuvex is able to look at your company as a whole and determine whether or not a certain software product is beneficial to you.


More than that, commercial software tends to take up a good amount of hardware resources and space. However, a cloud-based platform only requires a decent internet connection and a minimal hardware investment. This results in additional savings in terms of resources. As a software reseller, Nuvex Solutions offers an efficient, cost effective solution to all of these issues.



What Software Do You Provide?


You may have been using the same software applications for many years. If this is the case, you are familiar with certain interfaces, storage systems, and even keyboard shortcuts. However, your business may be missing out on new features that can revolutionize the way your teams work together and independently. This is why Nuvex Solutions is an online reseller that provides a wide range of software options for your company. Employees can make the most of their productivity with the following tools:


  • office-365Office365. Office365 is Microsoft’s web-based version of Microsoft Office. It includes Microsoft Exchange as well as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Use these different applications for email communications, collaborative projects such as real-time co-authoring, sending files, and making creative presentations. With Office365, you can get anytime, anywhere access to your documents from any device you own. Best of all, it is very likely that most members of your team are already familiar with the interface, so there’s no advanced IT knowledge required! Create a more professional face for your company and enhance the way you create internal and external materials.



  • OneDrive for Business. This software can easily store, sync, and organize your files all in one location from the cloud. As your organization’s data and storage needs increase ever year, you will need a centralized system so nothing gets lost. OneDrive is particularly effective because of how easy it is to search and find files using this platform. The user-friendly interface means that employees of every level can become familiar with the program on minimal training. Local file synchronization also means that if you ever lose internet connection at the office, you can still have access to crucial documents offline.


  • Skype for Business. Skype for business is the commercial-grade version of Skype, the popular online messaging software. Communications both in the office and outside of it can be managed by remote access, and Skype for Business also provides Enterprise grade security protection for conferences, meetings, and general communication with employees and clients. This program can actually cut the cost of your calls, especially if you have remote workers and business partners in different parts of the world. Their video calling and instant chat features can also be used for in-office meetings and staying in touch with colleagues.


  • Microsoft Exchange Online. This allows your employees and teams to have access to their email, contacts, calendar, and company tasks from a variety of platforms, including their PC and mobile devices. With Microsoft Exchange Online features, you can leverage the power of an enterprise email server whole avoiding the associated maintenance costs. Organizations can benefit from the messaging services as well as the advanced protection against spam, malware, and other cyber security threats. Exchange Online, as well as Nuvex Solutions, has a team of security experts who monitor the system around the clock. With this software, any potential threats are flagged and nullified before it becomes a real issue.


  • Eset Remote Security. Get more advanced all-around security for your business. Eset Remote Security goes beyond traditional antivirus software by embracing a multi-layered strategy. This includes data encryption, server protection, two-factor authentication, device control, and disaster recovery. You can schedule data backups to occur automatically and get administrative notifications in the event of a status change. The features of this program are unparalleled in the business world for software and hardware.


  • LogMeIn Remote Monitoring. All of your remote access solutions in one software program. Simplify the way you access your work files and applications no matter where you are or what devices you use with LogMeIn Remote Monitoring. Collaborate, store, and share data through a completely secure network. LogMeIn allows for unlimited users to extend computer and file access. Automatically update your systems at a predetermined time and take advantage of custom advanced reporting, which analyzes activity and CPU usage and memory.


  • Kerio Control. This program offers network monitoring and control through physical devices called Kerio boxes. These boxes protect your network from malicious activity by allowing administrators to monitor internet traffic and controlling firewall access. You can place filters on internet browsers and selectively block access to certain types of harmful content, inappropriate websites, or time-tasting applications. Kerio Control also saves internet bandwidth through eliminating the use of video streaming. Usage reporting gives upper level management useful data about where internet activity is actually spent. The secure VPN can link remote users and branch offices together with ease. This all-in-one solution protects your most valuable assets and boosts productivity!



Personalized Software Solutions


At Nuvex, we know that customized is always better. Not only are we computer experts, but we are efficiency experts as well. We employ a team who can personally review your current software, hardware, computer, network, and how they all function together. We will also ask how you communicate internally and externally, as well as how you share files. Once we have a solid understanding of your infrastructure, Nuvex will then make suggestions for streamlining your company’s workflow. If we feel there is a need for custom software, our developers are happy to help you build a structure that works.


Another key component is the ability to integrate your data entry seamlessly. Nuvex Solutions can develop custom code that reduces redundancy in data entry by linking together the various databases you use.



Nuvex Hardware Solutions


hardware-computerIn terms of hardware, most businesses want reliability, predictability, and longevity. This is why Nuvex Solutions has a valuable partnership with the trusted brand, Lenovo. As a certified online reseller, Nuvex Solutions has the same standards of excellence as any Lenovo retailer would.


On top of that, Nuvex Solutions sells custom build computers. When your company requires advanced performance in terms of speed and space, our certified technicians build your hardware with components personally selected for you. For example, a graphic designer will have different needs than an accounting firm or a data clerk. Custom built hardware uses high-quality components to make the most out of your business.


Nuvex Solutions has a number of distinct hardware options for your business. This includes installing and maintaining your network infrastructure. This is a particularly effective solution for businesses that are either just starting out, or looking to upgrade their entire system at once. Not only will Nuvex Solutions provide you with the hardware support necessary to operate your company, and we can also help monitor and maintain the system using state of the art remote diagnostic tools and cloud-based antivirus programs. This will help protect your network and infrastructure from outside hackers or malicious activity. If all you need is to upgrade your hardware, computers, and migrate your data, Nuvex Solutions is uniquely able to help with that as well.


As for wireless devices such as headsets and keyboards, Nuvex can simultaneously give hardware support by securing them from potential hackers that may try to intercept the signal. Whether you are interested in upgrading your office’s computer network, or completely installing a new one from scratch, Nuvex Solutions can give you a deal that makes economic sense for your company.


As part of our services, Nuvex Solutions has reliable technical care for your computer network as well. Our state of the art cloud-based diagnostic utilities can monitor your individual computers and networks remotely. We will be alerted to problems before they occur, and before they become unmanageable.



The Benefits of Dual Services


As experts in both computer hardware and software, Nuvex Solutions has grown out of a desire to provide our clients with the best possible approaches. As a consulting term, we pride ourselves on making your operation run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Cloud computing has become the next great advance in business solutions, and Nuvex Solutions’ team of skilled technicians and programmers understand how important it is to have the best software and hardware working together for the best possible efficiency. These are the ingredients that have allowed our own business to thrive.


As your company grows, so will your needs for technology. When you have issues with out of date technology, they can interrupt your day-to-day production. We provide answers for every issue, including effective managed IT support services, cloud support, and computer hardware repair. Where companies see inefficiencies in workflow, we see an opportunity to help.

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Nuvex Solutions is an IT consulting and tech firm that operates in Lethbridge, Alberta. Although we began modestly as a computer repair shop, today we offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions for both small and mid-sized businesses alike, as well as larger enterprises. Our cloud-based approach represents the cutting edge of information technology, data storage, hosting, software, and hardware.


If you are looking for an online reseller that is passionate about keeping your company safe and running smoothly, our consulting team will take a look at your business, how you see it operating, and come up with cost effective software and hardware support solutions built to scale up as you grow.


Nuvex solutions modernizes your workspace. Feel free to give us a call at (403) 381-8184 for your network assessment today.