When people think of IT services, they often think of a relationship akin to pushing a great big panic button when an emergency happens. In a lot of cases, they might not be wrong to think that way. But as IT specialists ourselves, we asked ourselves: why does it have to be this way?

Nuvex Solutions is proud to provide managed IT services as part of our regular contracts with our clients, but we find this isn’t a term that most people are familiar with. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll talk about what exactly managed IT services are and share three ways that they can help boost your business!

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT support generally refers to a team of IT experts who monitor and manage your network’s security, software, and hardware. In some cases, these teams are responsible for the whole of a business’s systems, including sourcing and setting up all computers. In our case, Nuvex Solutions also uses cutting-edge technologies to monitor your systems for suspicious activity, software issues, and hardware malfunctions.

Better Value-for-Money with Flat Fees & Rates

Most managed IT support is provided to businesses for a flat fee or rate. This can be especially beneficial to independent and small businesses because they’ll have access to as many services as they need while the package or contract is active. This typically applies to both regular round-the-clock checks and maintenance, as well as active calls for support. What that means for your business is that you aren’t paying more for case-by-case support and you’ll have more quality services available to you.

Managed IT Services Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Signing up for a managed IT service usually means that you delegate your IT operations to a third-party team of experts. Nuvex Solutions takes it a step further with our proactive and holistic approach to your IT needs. By monitoring your system regularly each day, we’re able to learn how your system operates and what it should look like. This means that any anomalies stick out and we’ll be able to fix it before it becomes a big problem. In most cases, it’s unlikely you’ll notice anything wrong—but that’s the beauty of our managed IT services! By taking care of issues early on, your business can run smoothly, lessening the chances of it grinding to a halt when some big problem is discovered.

Increase Your Hardware Lifespan

As part of our managed IT service package, Nuvex also offers custom website and application blocking, keeping your computers safe no matter who uses them. This, along with our proactive monitoring of your hardware, prevents malware and viruses from infiltrating your computer or from bloatware (excess, useless programs that may accompany downloads and installations of other sketchy free programs) clogging up your harddrive space. By preventing potential damage to your hardware and with a team of experts looking out for its care, your hardware could see an increased lifespan. Of course, replacing your computers less often means saving you more money! 

Why Nuvex Solutions?

At Nuvex Solutions, we don’t just take pride in our managed IT services. We’re also passionate about keeping small businesses running efficiently. We know running your own business can be hard enough and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing quick, accessible, and down-to-earth service to all our clients. Send us a message today or talk to us and find out what makes Nuvex different—and how that can help you!