Network Set Up Lethbridge

Network Set Up Lethbridge

Basic Guide to an Efficient Network Set Up in Lethbridge

Network set up is necessary for easy file-sharing, playing games, stream media, or pretty much everything that you need to do over an internet connection in your home. This especially useful for today’s generation where most jobs, as well as entertainment systems, are making use of the internet connection. At Nuvex Solutions, we will guide you step by step to help you achieve a reliable and stable network set up in Lethbridge. We customize to your network set up needs, making our services unmatched by almost any competitor.

Basic Equipment

Modem. To start off, a stable internet connection is one of the most important aspects of starting your own network set up. A modem is a device that establishes your internet connection and is provided for by your internet service provider when you get an ISP subscription.

Router. The next piece everyone with an internet connection should have is a router. What a router does is that it takes all of the PCs in your home and assigns each of the different addresses so that the users know where to find each other when the need to send or receive data. Routers may be wired or wireless. Obviously, a wireless router has quite an advantage because you can move it around and place it in your home’s sweet spot without the need for lengthy wires. But in terms of functionality, they pretty much are the same.

For basic functionality, most routers are plug and play. But in order to access some of the more advanced functions, you will need to do some set up. Another thing to be aware of is that most routers include a hardware firewall. This firewall is far more effective than installing a software in your computer. So, even if you only have 1 computer, it is still best to add a router to your home network.

Switch. A switch is very much like a router but without the ability to assign addresses to devices. All it does is that it directs traffic from PC to PC, or from device to device without assigning anything. The router tells the switch where everything is and where everything should go, and then the switch makes sure that it gets there.

Setting Up Your Network

A basic router non-wired router has 1 uplink or internet port, and 4 ethernet ports. So, for example, if you own 2 computers all you need to do is plug in your internet cord into your uplink port, and use 2 cables to plug in our 2 computers into the ethernet cord and voila, you are set. Your network set up is now complete, and you are ready to share the internet and files between those two computers with no issues.

But what if you have more than 4 PCs? What if your PC’s are not all in the same room or are not all easily accessible?

In circumstances like this one, is the time you will be utilizing our switch. The switch can give you additional ethernet ports by plugging into one of your router’s ports. Then you can easily have more ports depending on how many ports your switch has. Network set up in Lethbridge can be more complicated if you have several devices at different locations or different rooms, as you cannot just get cables through your walls. This is when a wireless router may be useful.

Although network set up is easy as pie for those who are familiar with it, it can be time-consuming, confusing and a hassle for some. Nuvex Solutions is one of the greatest ways to solve your network set up issues, especially for a busy person in Lethbridge who wants efficient networking in their homes.

Network Set Up Lethbridge
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