Medical Telephone Answering Service

Article provided by: Business Connections

Business Connections can help you manage your calls with a medical telephone answering service that can be customized to meet your needs. Give your patients the peace of mind that comes with a live agent who can speak with them in an empathetic manner. 
Are you there for your patients when they need you, or are you allowing your overflow calls to go to voicemail? If you’re in the medical field you have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure your patients’ medical details never end up in the wrong hands. With Business Connections, you’ll have the best answering service money can buy, at one of the most affordable prices around.
What happens when all your lines are busy or during after-hours? Do patients get routed to a voicemail box where they’re prompted to leave a message? If that’s the case, you’re failing your patients in a fundamental way. What if you could offer every patient the benefit of a live agent, regardless of the time of day or day of the week? BC can ensure that every single caller is greeted by a professional, live agent who can meet their needs.
As a medical practitioner, it’s essential that you have a live telephone answering service to field your calls that you’re unable to take or that your receptionist cannot get to while they’re on another line. Business Connections understands the need to use HIPAA compliant services so that privacy will always be of prime concern. 
With the help of BC’s medical telephone answering service, you’ll make more appointments and boost your business by talking to your patients and other health care workers just as if the agent were sitting in your reception area. Callers with urgent needs will be directed to you so that you can take care of the situation when less pressing matters are at hand.
You’ll love that Business Connections employs the best answering technology equipment there is, selecting only the best phone operators with the right skills and training to match your needs. Make sure you never miss out on a call again or leave your patients calls to voice mail. Contact Business Connections by calling 866-601-6115 and ask to speak with Dirk or Stuart Moeller.
No other medical telephone answering service can take care of your patients like BC can. If you’re interested in improving your practice or clinic, get in touch with a specialist from Business Connections who can help you set up a customized plan that will meet your needs and your budget. Their most popular plans range in price from $45 a month to $250 a month, with many plans in between.
If satisfied patients is your goal, let BC provide them with that friendly, sympathetic voice at the end of the line who understands their needs, your business and how your practice works. Nothing is as affordable as hiring Business Connections to answer your calls 24/7.
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