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Are you still missing calls and directing them to your voice mail? If so, your business is suffering and you may not even realize this is the cause. While it can be hard to admit, the fact remains, callers who are directed to voice mail hang up most of the time.
Make sure that’s not happening to you, with a live answering service that’s affordable and professional. Business Connections offers a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of just about every industry, including law firms, aviation, veterinarian, medical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, dental offices, mental health and many others. 
If your business has grown past the point where your receptionist can comfortably pick up your calls, it’s time to step up your game or risk losing business. A live agent from Business Connections can handle all overflow calls that are coming in to your company and can even respond to after-hours and weekend calls. You may be surprised at the affordable plans available from BC- most companies are. 
Perhaps your start-up business can’t yet afford the services of a receptionist. That’s common with companies just starting out but shouldn’t stand in your way to providing your callers exceptional service. You can significantly cut the cost involved with a live answering service when you employ Business Connections’ Voice Mail with Operator Assistance. Here’s how it works:
You can provide your callers with an essential and personalized message that prompts them to press zero if their call is urgent or if they require immediately assistance. In this way, they have the option of leaving a voicemail message for you or being connected with a live answering receptionist who can personally take care of them. This is a popular choice for dental offices, employment agencies and property management offices.
Imagine never being interrupted during business hours again. Hire the live answering service that can truly meet your needs and set up a customized service that can manage your calls just the way you want them to be handled. Professional help is available 24 hours a day for a lot less than you probably think, with cheerful, professionally trained telephone secretaries who are always able to answer your calls. You’ll never have to pay for a lunch hour, vacation, coffee break, sick day or health insurance.
Through the professional ‘Call Control’ method of answering calls that Business Connections uses, your callers will be greeted in the most positive and effective way to grow your business. Call Control is a skill that their live telephone secretaries use when they take your messages to gain and maintain your callers’ attention. Through the use of positive power words, agents can elicit your callers’ names, phone numbers and complete messages.
Feel free to use the free resource at if you have questions about their live answering service or contact an agent by calling 866-601-6115 for detailed plan pricing. Grow your business, save time and money and never leave your callers out in the cold again.
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