Esports Jobs

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Esports Jobs

Esports is a community, and esports jobs place you in the center of the action. Gain hands-on experience in one of the fastest-growing industries with the Magic City ePlex in Birmingham, Alabama. Our team is our connection to the community, and we want you to help move the sport forward.

Why work for Game on Esports?

Game on esports is one of the top companies in the field in Alabama. We strive to provide an unprecedented experience. From our food service to constantly working networks, our Magic City ePlex needs your help.

You gain in-depth experience in a well-paid industry in any position. Whether you are looking to learn the inner workings of service or provide fast-paced network support, our arena is here to provide.

What is the Magic City ePlex?

The ePlex will captivate audiences and enthrall visitors with cutting-edge technology. Guests will refuel at our quality restaurants serving food and alcohol.

This arena is truly one of a kind. With your help, we will bring the magic of esports to the Magic City. This sport is exploding, and we need all hands on deck to propel our concept forward.

How big is esports?

Since the first competitions in the hallowed halls of Stanford, competitors regularly competed in tournaments with one of the first teams being the US National Team in the 1980s. Starcade helped bring competitive gaming to the mainstream.

The early 2000s saw the rise of modern gaming in Asia. Nearly 53 percent of viewers are in Asia with the United States making up a significant portion of the remainder. Over 200 million fans watched tournaments in 2018 in what is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Growth opportunity in esports

While many industries entered a period of stagnation, bringing in external support to liven up their companies, esports promotes from within. We prefer candidates with knowledge of the industry as do the many teams, leagues, media platforms, and other companies in our field.

Start from the ground up or enter as a manager with the ePlex. Our many openings will suit your needs.

How will the Magic City ePlex bring gaming to Alabama?

As a member of our team, you will help to promote a variety of events. This includes the high school state championships.

We promote an inclusive atmosphere and expect our employees to help build an environment of competitive respect. Your role in the organization is vital to our success.

Work with the ePlex

Birmingham will finally have a major gaming arena. The Magic City ePlex offers some of the best racing simulations, hardware, and virtual reality. Partners include Hewlett Packard and VR Studio. Get your hands on some of the most advanced systems in esports while promoting our mission of never gaming alone.

We want you to become a part of the action. Media engagement, bartenders, managers, IT professionals, and others are welcome to apply. Start our simple and intuitive application process online and start down the path to an exciting and rewarding career with one of many esports  jobs at the ePlex.

Esports Jobs
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