Custom Programming

We can build completely custom software to your specifications

We also offer integration services to make your existing software packages work nicely together

Our solutions are primarily cloud-based for reliability and easy access

Ticket-based support system for fast and helpful support

Save money by making your small business run more efficiently than ever before

Custom Programming With Nuvex Solutions



NuvexSolutions is a business-to-business IT consulting firm that provides custom programming and computer programming for your individual needs. Our primary emphasis is to make your workflow more efficient by either reducing your reliance on outside software, or by integrating the software that you already use to reduce redundancy and streamline your practices.


Here’s how it works. First, Nuvex Solutions will identify your company’s day-to-day software for handling paperwork and records. Next, we attempt to move all of your paper records into a cloud-based computer storage system and modernize your data entry process. For those who are already using software in some places and physical records in other places, we can augment your current system with software that will computerize the entire process. For companies that use different kinds of software, we can provide database integration for you.


If you are a small business or a startup, you should know that custom programming services are not something that only multinational corporations can afford. If you run a smaller business with only a handful of employees, Nuvex Solutions specializes in delivering affordable options to reduce individual workload and save company resources. Our consulting team can save you time and finances by reducing workflow and maximizing efficiency.


Regardless the size of your business, Nuvex Solutions can come up with affordable custom programming solutions that meet your needs.



Custom Software Solutions: Why Personalized is Better


custom-programmingImagine that you run QuickBooks for your company’s records, another program for your Point Of Sale (POS), and a third program that handles inventory. You pay licensing fees on each piece of software, and you pay licensing fees every time there is an update. Over time, these fees are going to begin to add up. Not only that, but there is likely some redundancy between entries. While inventory may be linked to your POS software, it is likely not linked to your QuickBooks. In instances like these, you end up having to have duplicate sets of records to keep everything straight.


Computer programming services can simplify this process by integrating all of these separate records into one database. There is also a strong possibility you will save money on licensing fees, depending on how invested you are in different software programs.


How will this work? Nuvex Solutions will design multiple user interfaces that all operate on a single database. So, for instance, if items are scanned in for inventory, this information would also update your individual expenses.

You would not need one database for inventory, and then another database for business expenses. They would update automatically and simultaneously.


Now, no matter what industry you are in, or what your day to day operations are, Nuvex Solutions can develop a solution that will make your workplace more efficient. This means fewer expenses, a better software strategy, and more time for your employees and teams.


What if I Like Using QuickBooks and Other Software?


For companies who want to keep all of their software options, our programming services make this completely feasible. QuickBooks and other similar programs operate on databases. Nuvex Solutions can design software that will automatically communicate with QuickBooks to update when, for instance, you scan items into your inventory or secure a new client. This prevents the same data from being entered multiple times by different employees who are responsible for distinct operations.


What if Something Goes Wrong?


This is not a problem, either. Nuvex Solutions offers remote support for your entire network. This includes your software, hardware, and databases. Part of the advantage of operating on cloud-based computing is that we can tackle any issue that you have remotely via our ticket based issue tracking system.


The idea behind this system is to maintain a list of concerns, bugs, and information on your particular needs as a client, and then work with you during the process of installing your new software so we can get it just the way you want it. This can happen without having to go back and search through lines of code in order to resolve your problem. Ticket-based tracking is the hallmark of a great development team, and we employ the highest standards of quality when developing your software solutions with custom programming.


About Nuvex Solutions


Our business-to-business model is based on areas of expertise, which include software development and company efficiency. For growing businesses, efficiency is key to growing your customer base and keeping your costs to a minimum. That means cutting out paper, saving money on software, and creating a simple workflow. In order to accomplish this, we get a sense of your day-to-day operations and then determine key areas in which we can streamline your procedures. We integrate software to reduce data entry as much as possible. We create software solutions from scratch that accommodate your individual needs. We also employ expert computer programmers who are familiar with cloud-based solutions for fast and easy access to your data, which does not require significant hardware investment on your part in order to operate.


Nuvex Solutions reduces expenditures in three key areas. First, we can likely save you money if you are running multiple pieces of proprietary software. Second, we reduce workload and prevent redundancies in your day to day process. Finally, we eliminate the necessity for Excel spreadsheets and paper-based filing systems.


If you are under the impression that hiring computer programmers to write custom software for your business is something that only Fortune 500 companies do, it is time to reconsider that assessment. Smaller business can benefit from our approach. In fact, we believe that small businesses can benefit particularly from our services, though we also provide custom software to larger enterprises as well.


If you want to move away from Excel spreadsheets, searching through filing cabinets for client information, and paying fees for unneeded software, then you have found the right team.


Nuvex Solutions can streamline your business, reduce clutter, and get your operation running precisely the way you want. Contact our computer programmers and developers at (403) 381-8184 for more information. We will get to work right away to come up with a personalized solution for your business.

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Tracx Inventory and Transloading Software

Tracx Inventory is an on-site or cloud-based inventory management and transloading operations software.


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Tracx TMS Transportation Management System

Tracx TMS is a modern, full-featured, cloud-based transportation management system.


It handles your entire process - load planning, routing & dispatching, invoicing, and paying your truckers.


In addition, Tracx TMS will take care of your maintenance records, IFTA tracking, and BOL’s and other documentation.


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Tracx Time Tracking and Timesheet Software

Tracx Time is a customizable cloud-based employee time tracking system available anytime, anywhere.


Employees can easily clock in and out of the system with a smart phone, tablet or computer.


Administrators can view, verify and edit employee hours as well as export time reports and import into QuickBooks.


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