Computer Repair

Computer Repair Services in Lethbridge, Alberta


As a computer repair company, Nuvex Solutions is also a full service managed IT services provider in Lethbridge, Alberta. As experts in website development, hosting, custom programming, graphic design, and IT services, we are your local solution to network support.


Unfortunately, most businesses will wait for a computer issue to occur first before calling a computer repair team to fix it. However, this results in a loss of overall productivity for your company and employees. Instead, Nuvex Solutions provides your business with an entire IT team that can monitor your systems, network, hardware, and software, anticipating issues before they happen or as they occur.


How do we do that? Nuvex Solutions installs monitoring software on your network that reports data back to us in real time. If there is an issue with one or more of your computers, we have a unique alert system that notifies our team immediately. It even allows us to anticipate potential problems before they become serious issues that can cause a halt in your day to day business. This translates into fewer headaches, less downtime, and virtually no loss of productivity.


Nuvex Solutions can upgrade your hardware, find and troubleshoot software issues, remove viruses and malware, and troubleshoot and repair issues to your network. We can provide PC repair and laptop repair in Lethbridge as well. Our helpful support staff is the reason more and more businesses choose Nuvex Solutions to handle their IT issues.


Onsite and Offsite Repairs



So, what happens once you experience an issue with one of your computers or your network?


This is where our custom monitoring software really shines. Remote access allows for fast troubleshooting from our staff. Because our software transmits data to our servers in real time, the diagnostic process is cut down significantly. We also offer on-site support for any issue as well, from installation to support and migration and more. Our computer store in Lethbridge offers a convenient face to face so that your team can be guided through every step of the process.


Let’s contrast this to typical IT services. First, you notice that your computers are not running as well as they should. Second, you call in an IT specialist to take a look at it and determine the issue. The other option is to bring the malfunctioning unit into a repair shop to be fixed. After that, the computer repair specialist determines what the problem is by running a series of diagnostics on it.


When you work with Nuvex Solutions, all of the steps mentioned above are all taken care of in a much more streamlined manner. We catch the problem, we diagnose it, and then our team takes the necessary steps to fix it. The point is to perform repairs as with as little interruption to your day to day business operations as possible. All of these services are available to your company without you having to leave your office. It’s computer repair made easy!


Issues We Monitor


As computers have grown more complex, they have also grown more prone to different kinds of problems. Today, you still have all the hardware issues that a computer can face, but you also have issues with viruses and malware, and on top of that networking and Wi-Fi problems as well. Software systems are becoming more and more integrated. An issue with one piece of software can grind an entire business to a halt. Not only that, you want to keep your company data protected from knowledgeable hackers. Since computers are more connected than ever before, it has become easier for unwanted parties to gain access to them. Still, without capability that the internet provides, businesses would end up spending thousands of dollars on outdated technology like file servers and local networks.


Instead, Nuvex Solutions has monitoring software that is capable of logging and alerting us of any issues that occur to either your hardware, software, or network. Much of what we do involves installing and upgrading software, servers, and computer networks for businesses, so we are intimately knowledgeable in all areas of business computing. As one of the most widely respected PC repair and laptop repair companies in Lethbridge, we have continued to expand our range of services by recruiting some of the best developers in the country.


Services We Offer


Let’s consider our services in terms of different key areas. First, you have the network. This is the top layer of your internal system. It integrates all of your individual computers and ensures that data is collated quickly and securely. Underneath that layer, you have the software. The software manages employee interactions with your data. You may also have separate software that handles private client data. And on the bottom level, you have your hardware, which is the physical computer that runs the software and interacts with the network.


Nuvex Solutions offers security and troubleshooting software that operates on the cloud, which allows us to remotely manage and troubleshoot each one of these systems. The benefit of operating on the cloud is that no matter what goes wrong on your end, our cloud-based antivirus and troubleshooting system is alerted immediately, which means that we can diagnose the issue quickly. Depending on what the issue is, we can fix it from our remote location or travel to your office in Lethbridge area.




What Sets Nuvex Solutions Apart

pc-repair-lethbridgeAs developers of our own software who are contracted to design and maintain networks, servers, and computers in general, Nuvex Solutions is uniquely qualified to meet all your maintenance needs. While we began modestly as a PC and laptop repair company, we now meet the growing needs of both large enterprises and small businesses alike that are looking to simplify their workflow process. This in turn makes us experts in efficiency.


Nuvex Solutions has streamlined the process of managing computer repair in Lethbridge area. This includes issues related to both hardware and software. We can install or upgrade your network infrastructure, and we possess the tools to manage issues before they escalate. This is the key to performing the best possible services for our clients.




Nuvex Solutions Customized Services


When you first contact Nuvex Solutions, we will analyze your individual needs and determine the most efficient way to manage your server, databases, and hardware. We can make recommendations on affordable solutions to ensure that your computer system is an asset and not an obstacle for your company.


Regardless of whether we have installed your server or not, Nuvex Solutions employs experts in the field of networking and server maintenance. For those who are looking for an IT support team that can anticipate problems before they happen, then Nuvex Solutions is one of the top choice in the Lethbridge area. We are proficient in PC repair, laptop repair­, and our cloud-based network monitoring and antivirus will never go offline when you need it the most. We cut out most of the areas in which computer repair services bottleneck and prevent damage to your mainframe before it halts your day to day business procedures.


Nuvex Solutions is proud to serve Lethbridge, Alberta and surrounding areas by providing unique technological products and solutions. We have provided services for Delcan Building Materials Ltd., Noble Equipment Ltd., Vantage Trailer Sales, and more. Our certified computer repair technicians offer high quality care and service that is unmatched by almost any competitors, and our experienced staff focuses on giving you the immediate attention you require.

So, if your business is interested in a computer service and repair team that will work with you to streamline, upgrade, and anticipate your computer needs, then give Nuvex Solutions a call today at (403) 381-8184. Our team is available to help yours.