Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

"YOUR HARD DRIVE HAS CRASHED!" Hearing that can give a lot of people headaches, grey hairs and many wasted hours.

There is a pretty good chance in your computer's lifetime that there will be some bumps in the road. For those bumps, be prepared with our Cloud Backup Service.

We offer an affordable cloud based backup that is stored at a data center right here in Canada. Backing up Pictures to Music to Business Documents we can have you covered.

Some people worry about their data's safety in the cloud. You will have nothing to worry about. Your data will meet all the military grade encryption standards.

With the Cloud Backup we will monitor the health of your backup. Making sure it is doing its daily duty of keeping you protected. A lot of people will install a backup and just assume its doing the job. It is a pretty terrible feeling finding out you were wrong.

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