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Does your law firm need professional attorney answering services? If you’re losing out on callers due to unanswered calls or from calls gone to voicemail, the answer is a resounding yes. Business Connections has the solutions their customers are looking for at affordable prices they appreciate. Why not find out what BC can do for you?
Many law firms contact Business Connections because they simply cannot afford to hire a full time receptionist at the going rate, which is about $32,500 annually. Most firms are surprised to learn that BC can offer them an answering plan that includes 24/7 live attorney answering services for $45 - $250 per month, depending on their needs. There is never any set-up fee or deposit, making service all the more affordable. At the low rates that Business Connections provides, any business can afford live answering.
Consider the value BC is able to provide for your law firm: 
- If your full or part time receptionist is out of the office or on another call, your callers will be directly to a Business Connections live agent who knows all the details about your firm and can greet your caller, answer questions, direct urgent callers to your personal number, send you an email or text and more. Calls are transferred automatically within a pre-set number of rings determined by you.
- Save time by never having to pick up your phone and call in to receive your messages again. BC can send you text messages through your smart phone in realtime. You determine whether or not the message is urgent or routine.
- At no additional charge, your Business Connections agent is able to hand-off callers to your personal voice mail box on request from your callers. 
- Significantly cut your costs while keeping the high quality attorney answering services you count on for your clients. BC offers the unique service called Voice Mail Operator Assistance that would be a valued asset to any law firm. If you choose this service over live answering, your callers will be greeted by a digitally mastered voice mail and directed to press zero if the call is urgent. In the event that the caller presses zero they will be immediately transferred to a live answering receptionist who can further assist them, otherwise, they can interact through your voice mail. This is a very affordable service and gives your callers the feeling that they are highly valued as a caller.
It may surprise you to learn that the live attorney answering services from Business Connections cost about 10 cents per hour. Cheerful, expertly trained telephone secretaries from BC are available to work 24/7, and you’ll never have to pay for a lunch break, vacation, coffee break, sick days or health insurance.
Call Business Connections at 866-601-6115 for more information on how you can easily afford live attorney answering services so you’ll never have to miss a call again. Your callers will be grateful and best of all, you’ll save money on the highest quality of live receptionist service available.
Attorney Answering Services
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