We provide you with Monitored Antivirus Software: If your computer is infected, we can monitor it and solve the problem for you. Call for more info.Computers are more networked now than they ever have been. While this is a major asset to many businesses, it also opens up your network to a host of viruses and malware that may impair your system operations and compromise your most sensitive data.


Customers and clients need to feel secure giving you their financial information, and when it becomes apparent that you are operating on outdated antivirus software for computers, this can compromise data and reduce client confidence in your capacity. Instead, allow Nuvex Solutions in Lethbridge, Alberta for custom computer services and repair, network installation, maintenance, and true antivirus protection. Nuvex Solutions can remotely manage all of your IT needs!



How Do Virus and Malware Attacks Work?



antivirus-programModern malware and viruses no longer require hackers to run a program on your computers, laptops, or personal mobile devices. Attacks can happen through the internet, over an email, or with a host of other infiltration mechanisms that you may not even be aware of.


Consider, for instance, all of the Bluetooth devices you use every day for work. Bluetooth operates on a technology that allows headsets and other devices to communicate directly with your computer systems without physically being attached to them. A person can conceivably intercept the signal being sent between a headset and the Bluetooth dongle to eavesdrop on conversations.


As technology advances, so do the number of ways a person can abuse the technology. A hacker, or any knowledgeable individual, can also intercept simple devices such as keyboards in order to gain control of systems remotely. They can run programs that either steal your information or damage your systems. Nuvex Solutions, however, knows exactly how to protect your business from these threats.



Nuvex Solutions’ Cloud Based Antivirus Programs


One of the first things that modern viruses and malware will attempt to do is circumvent or block your current antivirus software and protections. The practical sense in using a cloud-based system is that the software itself is located on a secure server that Nuvex Solutions manages ourselves. When a computer system that we monitor is attacked by viruses or malware, we can immediately detect the issue before it causes major damage to your systems.


Now, most viruses and malware are easy to detect because the malevolent software is well known to security specialists, so they need only search out the code and block the attack before it happens. While this is often enough to block the majority of attacks, some experts can develop code that would not be found in any database.


This is just one of the reasons why Nuvex Solutions provides one of the best personal antivirus system in the business. We provide your company with real-time security and IT support. The moment there is a disruption in services, our software can detect it. That means regardless of whether or not an individual is using canned malware that is detectable by a standard antivirus or not. If there is disruption to your systems, services, or something is going wrong, our software will log it and alert us immediately.


At Nuvex Solutions, our security management strategy is to keep all of your data stored on the cloud. This means that if someone attempts to cut off your access to antivirus services by disrupting the network itself, they will simultaneously cut off their access to the data stored on the cloud. Our security protocols cannot be neutralized by interfering with the network.


Nuvex Solutions remains one of the best and most innovative means of protecting your data and protecting your clients’ personal information.


Cloud-Based Antivirus Software for Computers


Your network of computers is connected with Nuvex Solutions’ servers. We monitor your system for malware and viruses in real-time. Basically, each of your computers hosts a lightweight agent software, and our analysis determines whether or not a program is hostile. This means that Nuvex Solutions does not require you to install bloated packages with massive virus definition files. In fact, all of that is hosted on our end, not yours. The agent software only requires a manageable amount of RAM and very little disk space.


Traditional virus cleaner for computers requires a substantial amount of disk space. There are virus definition files that hold code for many different types of malware. When running a scan, the computer checks every single file against the virus definitions in its database. While this works great for an individual end user, it becomes redundant to install the entire program on hundreds of different computers over a vast network.


Furthermore, Nuvex Solutions antivirus agent is less vulnerable to being compromised by malicious local software because of its decreased size.


A savvy user will likely wonder if this decreases their bandwidth when multiple files are being sent to the cloud for analysis. This is an excellent question, but the answer is no. The agent does not send complete files over the server necessarily. Instead it sends information about the file, how it was downloaded, and how it behaves. This data is then analyzed by the antivirus software on our servers. If that data turns up any red flags, then the file itself will be scanned more thoroughly on our part.


What’s important is that Nuvex Solutions’ cloud-based antivirus software for computers watches how individual files behave, so if you or one of your employees accidentally downloads a virus that is not in our database, the monitoring software will recognize individual behaviors as malicious and then update the software in order to reflag the file as malicious. In that sense, the cloud-based antivirus program is trained by each of our individual clients what to look for in malicious code and behavior and learns when that type of behavior is caught. In other words, it gets smarter over time, and users of our cloud-based antivirus actually benefit from the experiences of other users.


By doing the bulk of the analysis on the cloud, our antivirus system removes the burden of processing all this information off of your individual computers, which frees up your RAM and CPU to perform the tasks necessary to your business.


Internet Security Antivirus Software


internet-security-antivirusOne of the most common ways to infiltrate a network is through email. Every office and business relies on email for correspondence both internally and externally. Malware and Trojans are actually able to evade common security checks by hiding themselves inside embedded URLs within the text of the email and hiding themselves inside other files. Once the file has been executed on your computers, it begins to make a series of signature moves. This involves the creation of executable files, the downloading of more malware, the creation of new autorun keys, and so on.


Another modern attack vector is JavaScript. JavaScript is a web-based programming language that works in concert with HTML to bring webpages to life. The danger of the JavaScript attack is that it does not require the user to actively run any kind of a file in order to compromise your computer system. All an employee has to do is open a certain email or visit a specific webpage.


Each of these behaviours are flagged by our Nuvex Solutions antivirus software. When our agent software sees that these are some of the things a file wants to do, it throws up a red flag in the system. Our antivirus then decides to take a closer look at the program and if it’s determined these behaviours are malicious, it halts execution immediately.


What Happens When a System is Compromised With Malware?


The answer to this question is any number of things. First, and foremost, the information on your computers is no longer safe. A cybercriminal who has successfully planted malware on your computer network will now have access to all the same information that you have access to. They can download that information, distribute that information, or rob you and your clients if they so desire. More than that, malicious software can damage the infrastructure of computer network, destroying your operating system and grinding your business to a halt. Once the malware has infected one computer on the network, it then begins to spread from computer to computer, compromising each one as it goes.


Even using a simple communications platform such as Skype can cause potential harm. If you are conducting financial negotiations with other clients over Skype, a knowledgeable individual has the ability to listen in on these calls. If a client is giving you his credit card information and you store this anywhere on your computer system, this hacker now also has that information. If you use a company account to order supplies for your office, a hacker will now have that information as well. Anything that you type into your keyboard can be captured and recorded. This means passwords to your accounts, credit card information that is generally encrypted as it is sent over the internet, and more.


Furthermore, hackers can also use your computers as a point of attack to commit fraud against other businesses and companies, and to attack other systems. Once a hacker has control over your computers, there is very little limit on what they can do. This is why Nuvex Solutions is absolutely dedicated to your network security.

Why Nuvex Provides the Best Possible Solutions


Most companies have enough to deal with without having to worry about their computer networks being compromised. Furthermore, they don’t want to be burdened with installing an antivirus program on each one of their employee’s computers, and making sure that individual computers can both run the antivirus effectively and carry out necessary tasks. A cloud-based solution to internet security frees your resources and may save you money in the long run. Nuvex Solutions’ antivirus program actually takes up less memory on your system than a traditional antivirus software for computers.


Our analysis does not need to be weighted down by multiple gigabytes of virus definitions in a massive database. Our software simply asks, “where did this file come from?” and “what is this file doing?”


Our team at Nuvex Solutions understands how hackers think and we understand how they exploit well-established businesses. In developing our lightweight security framework, we created a system that provides our clients with the best possible solution to an ever growing problem. Indeed, cloud-based antivirus software is the cutting edge in computer security programs. It provides a lightweight and efficient means of providing excellent real-time security that prevents major security breaches before they start.


So for those who take their internet security seriously, Nuvex Solutions provides one of the best personal antivirus software solution in the game. Give us a call today at (403) 381-8184 for more information about our antivirus services.