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Why Choose NC Smart Call As Your Shift Dispatch Software:

- NC Smart Call offers numerous advantages over its competition. If you’re shopping for a program that will help you get the word out to your employees that a shift is open without wasting company resources, we invite you to see why NC Smart Call tops all other shift dispatch software on the market today. Visit online on to take a closer look or call a knowledgeable agent at 888-820-0160 with your questions.

- NC Smart Call is much more than just an innovative new approach to communicating your schedule with employees and staff. Its smart technology makes scheduling details easy to manage and hands-off, while working out the challenges in your operations. Designers of NC Smart Call understand the structures and policies of healthcare providers and have come up with an automated process that is geared toward a greater level of efficiency.

- If you’re looking for a cloud-based system that is not reliant on your existing hardware, this is it. NC Smart Call is highly configurable, and will: allow your scheduling department to drastically reduce the time it takes to fill an open shift, improve the accuracy of future schedules, schedule more strategically, predict the upcoming needs of your facility, eliminate wasted resource, and guarantee a higher degree of continuity when it comes to caring for your patients. How’s that for an affordable shift dispatch software?

- Unlike other so-called smart programs, NC Smart Call offers the opportunity for you to estimate your savings before you use the program. It’s easy to do and takes just a moment of your time. Click on the ‘Estimate Your Savings’ button located on the home page under ‘What is Smart Call?’ to get started. Just fill in the criteria for your facility and hit ‘Calculate’. Facilities with as few as 25 employees typically save well over a thousand dollars a year just in scheduling costs. For healthcare facilities with more employees, the savings is even greater. Can you afford to continue using your existing scheduling method?

- Smart Leave is another component of the Smart Call system, and one that adds a lot of value to the program; it’s designed to move your efforts off of paper and into the cloud. With Smart Leave, your employees will have the convenience of asking for and tracking their leaves online, with a second layer of smart innovation that allows them to track the likelihood of their leave being granted. Both your employee and your managers can read Smart Leave’s display feature and make the right call.

- Book an online demo right now to check out everything NC Smart Call offers your facility. Fill out the brief contact form online or call 888-820-0160 to discuss your operational needs with a company rep. We’re certain you’re going to like what you see during the demo. Visit the website’s blog library by clicking on ‘News’ to learn more about how NC Smart Call’s shift dispatch software can change the way you’re currently communicating shifts to your employees.

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